Bed & Breakfast, Le Mesnil Garnier Normandy

Coastline Interest


Granville ~ 25 minutes from us

Seaside resort, famous for its busy fishing port and Marina and Casino!

 Granville from Brehal beach

For seafood fans, an excellent venue for sampling the freshly caught local produce. For those who prefer shopping, or just browsing, there are some beautiful shops with plenty of choice to treat yourself or for gifts to take home.


Granville from Brehal beach

St. Martin de Brehal ~ 15 - 20 minutes from us

Beach at Brehal


 The beach at Brehal

One of the many gorgeous sandy beaches within an easy reach of us, that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Ideal for those summer picnics, or a bracing stroll in the latter months of the year, St. Martin is a safe, clean beach, and home to the famous mussel beds which can be seen at low tide.


 Children playing on beach