Bed & Breakfast, Le Mesnil Garnier Normandy

 Villedieu les Poêles ~ 10 minutes from us

On Tuesday mornings, take a trip to Villedieu market which is about 7 kms away from us.

For visitors to the area, whilst there is plenty of parking, we do suggest that you get there early as the main road through the town has restricted access until after lunch.

It is a slightly bigger market offering an array of local produce, fresh fish, vegetables, honey, charcuterie, cheese, flowers, clothes and table wares.

Fresh fish market


Fruit market


The Cornille-Havard Bell foundry


The workshop, which has retained its former charm, continues to manufacture bells for churches, ships, public buildings throughout the world and innumerable works of art in bronze such as commemorative plaques, statues and medals. In the company of foundry-men, you will be shown round the kilns, the moulds (built out of an ovenproof material made up of clay, goat hair and horse dung!) and the pits out of which the bells emerge after casting. 




 Bell foundry
Bronze girl
Bronze statues


If you want to stay longer, then perhaps take a visit to the many enticing copper shops or a tour around the famous Bell Foundry, or perhaps visit L'Atelier du Cuivre at 54 rue General Huard where you can enjoy an informative guided tour (in French and English) of the workshop and see the copper pots in the making! It's worth a visit to understand the craftsmanship involved, with traditional methods of work going hand in hand with modern technology. For an insight into this fascinating world have a look at their website at 

Villedieu back streets


After browsing, stop and have coffee or lunch in one of the many welcoming bars and restaurants that can be found on either the main street, or tucked away in the cobbled courtyards that run alongside.